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What Is The Green Hornet Trap?

The Green Hornet Trap, a product used for nuisance animal removal, replaces conventional/standard trap methods that do not work.

Designed through years of field testing, research, and development The Green Hornet Trap guarantees the highest rate of success in humane dispatch of the animal.

This trap uses the best available materials and components on the market. Powder Coated for years of durability, The Green Hornet Trap guarantees success on your wildlife control routes.


The Green Hornet – Not The Standard Method Of Trapping

The standard method for removing raccoons, groundhogs, or opossums from a building or structure is to find their entry point and set a cage or live trap in hopes of luring the animal in. Often time this works very well and proves an effective method for removing the animal from the structure.


The Green Hornet Trap– Provides For Health And Safety

However, other situations sometimes call for the use of other techniques and tools. Such a case occurs where the health and safety of the occupants of the building or school are at risk.

If the necessity arises to remove the animal as quickly as possible to prevent a wildlife exposure or zoonotic disease transfer to humans, then the Green Hornet trap is the perfect solution to remove these animals quickly and humanely.


Use The Green Hornet Trap For Trap Shy Animals

At times you must remove an animal that shows tendencies of being trap shy. We call an animal trap shy if it has been caught before. A Trap Shy animal won’t enter a conventional live trap. Furthermore, it has a natural aversion to going in or near a live trap. This situation demands The Green Hornet Trap which outperforms all others.

The Green Hornet, the perfect solution trap shy solution, forces the animal through the trap for immediate capture. And guess what? This usually occurs on the 1st night of using The Green Hornet Trap!


What Animals Can Be Trapped With The Green Hornet Trap?

The ideal target species for this type of trap are raccoons living in attics. Also, they gain entry via the homes attic or building vent. Furthermore, these openings occur in a gable, chimney, roof opening, or open soffit.

The Green Hornet Trap can also be used over groundhog holes or opossum entry points under buildings, sheds, decks, or patios.


Want The Best Designed Positive Trap Set?

The Green Hornet Trap design, known as a Positive Set, sets in a way that it forces the animal out through an opening into the trap  But, for this to be successful you must seal off all other openings in entry points so that the animal has only one way out – through the trap.

When used as intended, The Green Hornet Trap produces quick and efficient removal of nuisance animals. Furthermore, it provides the nuisance wildlife control operator a MUST HAVE tool in his bag of tricks.

Who Designed The Green Hornet Trap?

The Green Hornet Trap design came about through years of hands-on research.  Jacob Barnes, owner and president of Barnes Wildlife Control of Greater Dayton Ohio, created The Green Hornet trap.

Jacob’s knows the unique needs of the animal control industry. Also, his knowledge enabled him to produce other unique products like Peak Protector. Peak Protector, a High Performance Roof Ridge Vent Animal Guard, protects against the intrusion of pests.  So, if you want the best in animal control products Jacob Barnes call the team at (937) 340-1867.